Pencil sketch
ProCreate layout exploration
ProCreate dragon head exploration
2019 Festival Poster
Dragon Boat in the U.S. merges multiple cultures; for the 2019 festival design, I was inspired to merge two different creative styles. Taking the famous "Great Wave Off Kanagawa" print by Hokusai, I incorporated a dragon pushing the boats towards the fish line. 
2018 First Place Medal and Ribbon
Back of Medal
Shirt Designs
2019 Poster
2018 Postcard
2018 Digital Billboard at the Base of the Bay Bridge
For 2018, I came up with a design that was Californian yet spoke of roots in East Asia, similar to the local dragon boat scene. Finger wave patterns were illustrated to resemble cloisonné and inserted into the state bear flag.
Various medals from past years. From left to right: 1. Finger wave design. 2. For the first year the International Festival was held in Oakland, I used local icons in the design—the notorious Lake Merritt Canada goose is on the medal. 3. Bilingual wordplay, the number "20" is in Chinese calligraphy (二十) and Hindu–Arabic numerals. 4. A dragon boat cable car was designed for the 15th anniversary.  ​​​​​​​
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