Since 1999, Jimmy Chan has been doing business as Topsoil Design. Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil where plants derive most of their nutrients; it takes many years for it to naturally develop. Jimmy has been pursuing a career in design since elementary school, the name seemed like an apt fit for someone whose parents came from agrarian roots.
Prior to being an an alumnus of the California College of the Arts, Jimmy worked several years at San Francisco's Japantown Art and Media Workshop as a designer. There, he learned practical pre-computer design skills. Post college, he interned at the U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism under publishing luminary Clay Felker and design legend Milton Glaser. Clay once remarked upon Jimmy, "a brilliant young designer." To this day, Jimmy pursues brilliance in design and youthfulness in mind and body through rigorous exercise and martial arts.
Excellent timing has graced Jimmy over the years. He was enmeshed in the first rise of the dot com businesses, he worked for the School of Engineering at Stanford University when Google was still a student project, he designed for Tesla when they released their first car, the Roadster. He helped a U.S. L.E.D. lighting company market to China, designed biotech brands from small startups to public companies while always remembering the patient, and he has assisted numerous non-profits in fund-raising ventures. Design has brought Jimmy into the center of a multitude of businesses, each time deep in the soil, tilling the earth for bright ideas, and helping them grow into healthy crops and good neighbors. 
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